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10 Pounds of Artisan Concrete Mix and a Million Pounds of Creativity

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For years we have been talking about making things bigger. Buddy built the Craftsman Mix because he couldn't find kilns big enough for the ceramic objects he wanted to make. The artisans that have come after Buddy have an ongoing battle to make the biggest objects possible, it is really something of an arms race. Because we come from the counter culture (no pun intended), we did the only obvious thing, we asked what we could do to make it smaller.

So we sent a number of artisans around the country our 10# Artisan Concrete Mix, the only stipulation being that they couldn't use more mix than what was in the bucket. The objects would be voted on by the fine folks at the Haven Conference, and the winner would win a free ride to EPIC.

What happens when you minimize the design parameters to only include one restriction? It depends. In the eyes of Daniel Watson, you unlock the shackles. The other side of that is represented is the work of Josh Thiel, you go through a process similar to birth- caught between ecstasy and pain is where genius is born.

The artisans saw the opportunity to create function, share ideas, and defy the basic logic of what concrete is and how it is made. The common denominator in all of the submissions is not the obvious- concrete, the common denominator is the the artisan- the creative process.Yolanda Ramirez Aguirre Esquersets the stage with an idea, cast with honestly and simplicity- "Art is not a thing, it is a way"

Receiving the work of these fine artisans is a humbling privilege. Thanks for sharing your time and creativity with us.

Freedom from the shackles

Daniel Watson of Southbound Designs

Yakima WA

Birth of Creativity

Josh Thiel of Thiel Studios

West Palm Beach FL

Art is not a thing, it is a way

Yolanda Ramirez Aguirre Esquer of Touvlo

Mesa AZ

White Bowl

Marek Anthony of Blue Star 88 Design

Dallas TX

Concrete Sunglasses and Carrying Case

Jimmy Hazel of Clastic Designs

Sparks NV

Concrete Chain

Brian Maloy of Fusoform Custom Concrete

Birmingham AL

Handcrafted Bowl

Andy McDaniel of BDWG

Boone NC

Carved Concrete Pedestal

Jack Smithson of Cathedral Liquid Stoneworks

Cornville AZ

Concrete Candleholders

James McGregor of Mcgregor Designs

Roberts MT

Concrete Light

Brandon Browning of Modern Edge Concrete

Jackson TN

Landscape on Canvas

Beth Johnson of Boulder Creations

Loganville GA


Jake Brady of Jake Brady Concrete by Design

Sarasota FL

Concrete Tumblers

Jon Schuler of CreativeCrete

Murphys CA


Carved Skull

Brian Cockrell of Greyscape Studio

Boulder CO


Concrete Pendant

Jason Pledger of Forever Design

Springdale AR






Jonathan's amp was music to the ears of the people of Haven. Simple concept, function, and execution. It transforms an otherwise useless iPhone speaker into a perfect stereo. It seems that even in the context of 10# of concrete, the basic parameters for quenching the masses with concrete remains the same as it has through history- Simple Concept + Simple Function + Simple Aesthetic = Winner

Congrats to Jonathan.Epic is getting a free ride to EPIC

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