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Exploring the Stories, Methods, and Materials of Artisan Concrete

New Buddy Rhodes™ Vertical Mix


Buddy Rhodes™ Vertical Mix is an easy-to-use cement-based overlay that is easy to mix and apply onto vertical surfaces for creating various textures by carving, sculpting or stamping. This lightweight, zero slump formula is used for creating themed environments, zoos & aquarium displays, decorative panels and public sculpture. With Buddy Rhodes’ extensive line of pigments, the color possibilities are endless. Buddy Rhodes Glazes can also be applied to the cured concrete to achieve a variety of color effects. Buddy Rhodes offers the only Vertical Mix available that has been tested and certified E-84 Class A flame-resistant.

  • Non-Toxic: Animal Friendly, No VOC’s and Water Based

  • Flame Rated: Certified to the highest ASTM fire rating; E-84 Class A/1

  • Easy to Use & Versatile: Mix, apply and texture quickly over a variety of surfaces; easily colored with Buddy Rhodes Pigments & Glazes

  • Economical: Build large, lightweight, thin structures at a fraction of the cost

  • Lightweight: Up to 30% lighter than other concrete mixes with better coverage per bag.
15 ft Skull Created By Fox Fine Arts for a Haunted Attraction at Six Flags America
150 ft long Bouldering Wall Created in Only 5 Days at Übergrippen Climbing Crag, Denver, CO
High Build Thickness - up to 4” (10 cm)
Highly Weather (freeze/thaw), Water & UV Resistant

Theming Public Spaces: Great Outdoors RV Superstore

• Be Competitive
• Do It Fast
• Use Flame-Rated Materials

The Great Outdoors RV Superstore in Auburn, NY wanted a themed reception area that projects their nature brand/image. Steve Millard of CNY Concrete (Mattydale, NY) was contracted to design/build a hyper-realistic rock scape with an integrated waterfall feature and selected Buddy Rhodes Vertical Mix as the material best suited for the job.

RAMP™ bonding primer and cure promoter is applied to carved EPS foam.
Vertical Mix is blended with water and RAMP™ to a clay-like consistency.
Vertical Mix can be applied by hand, trowel or mortar sprayer to a minimum ¾" thickness.
Shortly after applying mix, texture can be added with rubber stamps and rollers.
Use plastic, wood or metal sculpting tools to carve precise detail.
Once cured, Vertical Mix can be subtly colored with Buddy Rhodes Glazes.

Using Water Reducers in Artisan Concrete

A Study of Plasticizers in Concrete for Architectural ApplicationsIt has been said a number of times and is one of the most important aspects of understanding artisan concrete: The finished product is a snapshot of a moment in time. Just as stone embodies the movement of magma and eons of pressure, the final look of [...]

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The Importance of Making | The Broken Stepping Stone

The Power Underlying the Creative Process The process of making contains a powerful mythology that transcends the subject matter. It is, in itself, both a story that spans generations, as well as a rite of passage. Joseph Campbell speaks to the power of mythology in his book "The Power of Myth", in which one of the [...]

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Cold Matters | Preparing for the Cold Weather

Concrete seems like a simple building material. It is really a grand chemistry exercise. A matter that is of the great importance when dealing with most anything related to chemistry- temperature. Here are some things to consider as the seasons change, both on the issue of creating with concrete, as well as managing your materials [...]

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Building an EPIC Concrete Table | Reinforcement

Table Reinforcement At some point, imagination has to meet reality. Teleportation is awesome, but it is still not real. Having a table with a double cantilever of this scale is certainly not in the realm of teleportation, but if some serious consideration is not taken, the results will be the same- body parts scattered about. My highly [...]

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Building an EPIC Concrete Table | The Concept

Every year EPIC comes around, and we are faced with the same question- What will we build this year? We have built a wide range of objects, using an equally wide range of techniques over the years, making it difficult to figure what will be next. For the curious ones, you can see some of [...]

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Building an EPIC Concrete Table | Design

Table Design We are planning one of the projects we are going to build for EPIC 2015, and it is time to design the table.What does that even mean, design? Preparation begins with understanding, so let's turn to Wikipedia to find out just what we are even talking about. Here is an excerpt- Design is the creation [...]

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The Story Behind EPIC | A Gathering of Concrete Artisans

I opened Mandala Studio in the early 2000's in the River Arts District (RAD) of Asheville NC. The home to our shop was a building called The Wedge, the brain child of the late and great John Roy Payne. John's vision was unparalleled, and his pursuit to create a place where art could live and [...]

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Pick a Winner

Concrete Artisans Shedding the Light Every year we hold a contest. Last year artisans were given 10lbs of Artisan Concrete Mix, and this is what we got. This year we added a layer of complexity, artisans were given 10lbs of mix and a colored cord from The Color Cord Company. All of the pieces we received [...]

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The Composition of a Concrete Countertop

Designing the Structure of a Concrete Countertop Here is a recent inquiry we have received, which is reflective of many questions we get- "I am looking to do something different and am looking for advice. I am thinking about precasting my countertops, but doing it with the finished side up and a layer of plywood and backer [...]

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