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Exploring the Stories, Methods, and Materials of Artisan Concrete

Arts for Life | Furniture that makes a difference

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of every day life.” ~ Pablo PicassoToo Late!You missed out on the chance to be a part of the auction. See what you missed out on below.Want to get your hands dirty and make some concrete of your own? You can download our Catalog of Products and [...]

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EPIC Derby | A New Champion is Crowned

A Call to Arms Peter Cicalo called me up a few weeks before EPIC this year. Being a relative newcomer to artisan concrete, he was afraid that he would be out of his depths in a group with so much experience in concrete. I assured him that there would be plenty of free alcohol (3 pallets [...]

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Inspiring Courage Through Creativity

Update :: The Auction is Live-Click here to visit :: One of the highlights of my adult life, and my life as a father, was coaching my 6 year old daughter's soccer team. I love the game, and I love kids, and seeing the two together was a grand adventure. There was one girl in particular who [...]

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Refinishing Concrete Countertops Part 1 of 3

One of the most frequent questions we get sounds something like this-"I want to refinish my concrete countertops, what do I do? I don't know who made them, or what they used to seal them with, and everything on the internet seems to conflict with everything else! Help!"Resealing concrete countertops is a process. Let's walk [...]

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Refinishing Concrete Countertops Part 2 of 3

Resealing and refinishing concrete countertops is a process. So far you have tried to figure out what sealer is on your concrete countertop, you have given some thought to how extensive the process of resealing your countertops will need to look, and you have given some thought to the sealer you will use to refinish [...]

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Refinishing Concrete Countertops Part 3 of 3

Now that you have considered the process of refinishing your concrete countertops(Part 1 here), and prepared the concrete for resealing (Part 2 here), it is time for actually sealing your concrete countertops. Depending on what sealer you have chosen, you will want to follow the manufacturers instructions. There are videos for the Buddy Rhodes sealer [...]

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EPIC Derby

One of the highlights of my youth was quitting Boy Scouts. Looking back in hindsight, I am not certain why that was so thrilling, but I have a notion. My pinewood derby car got whooped, and I am not a big fan of loosing. Psychologists have theorized that we live out the failings of our [...]

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10 Pounds of Artisan Concrete Mix and a Million Pounds of Creativity

For years we have been talking about making things bigger. Buddy built the Craftsman Mix because he couldn't find kilns big enough for the ceramic objects he wanted to make. The artisans that have come after Buddy have an ongoing battle to make the biggest objects possible, it is really something of an arms race. [...]

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Reinforcing a Concrete Countertop | Withstanding the Force

How do I reinforce a concrete countertop? How can I make it stronger? Does it need steel rebar?What needs to happen to make your concrete object strong enough to withstand the conditions it will encounter? Whether your are a DIYer making your own concrete countertops, or a professional concrete artisan, the basic principles [...]

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What Size Compressor Do I Need | GFRC Hopper

What size compressor do I need for a GFRC hopper?Whether setting up a new shop, or just trying to take on a weekend project, there are a lot of questions to answer about what tools you will need. This is a circular question in most cases, with answers that sound like "if this, then you [...]

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