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Building an EPIC Concrete Table | The Concept

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Every year EPIC comes around, and we are faced with the same question- What will we build this year? We have built a wide range of objects, using an equally wide range of techniques over the years, making it difficult to figure what will be next. For the curious ones, you can see some of the objects from years past, along with plenty of the extra curricular activities, if you search #blueepic on Instagram.

One of the processes that has a growing resurgence in the artisan community is Cast in Place (CIP) concrete. This is nothing new, it is really where artisan concrete all started, but many of those who have come to artisan concrete through trades other than concrete find this process somewhat daunting. How can you deliver the same quality that is standard in precast applications? How can you maintain the level of control that is common in a studio environment on a hectic jobsite? How can you maintain the quality of the concrete when batching and mixing is done by a ready mix company? What ensures that this project is not going to come off like an elevated sidewalk? So on and so on.

After fielding these questions from a range of artisans, with a range of experience, it is only natural that we tackle this at EPIC. So we took on this idea, and began brainstorming what it would be that we could make. Something that would introduce some of the challenges that are universal for CIP situations, that would also be of a scale that would be suitable to an event the size of EPIC ( 2' x 2' samples would obviously not do the trick). We settled on the idea of a large table, and went to the task to designing something.

The most important element of success for any concrete project is good planning. For the studio artisan who is not fully equipped to work outside of the shop, this is especially critical. Since EPIC is only 3 days, and there is no way to present all of the preparations that are necessary, we decide to follow this project here on our blog. From design to completion, what will unfold for us as we envision, prepare, execute, and complete this project?

Chapter 2 | Design

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