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  • Custom Color Concrete Pigments for tinting concrete

Custom Color

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Please Note: Custom Colors have a lead time of 7 business days (per single color).

Do you have a color you have in mind that you want to match? We can do that for you. You name the color, and we will match it for you.

One simple way to do that is to reference Benjamin Moore™ colors. Our in-house color lab can match any Benjamin Moore™ color, allowing your project seamless color expression in any artisan concrete project.

For more information on Benjamin Moore™ colors, the Benjamin Moore™ color site allows you to see Benjamin Moore™ colors in a particular room or alongside other colors of your choosing.  Click here to visit the Benjamin Moore™ color site.

We have outlayed 200 standard custom colors that that have been preformulated. You can find a chart of those 200 colors in our Catalog of Products and Techniques on pages 38-43. If you don’t find what you are after in those 200 colors, our lab with custom formulate the color you want.


How to Order Custom Color

All colors are formulated as a percentage of the Total Cementitious Binder (TCB) of your mix. TCB is a combination of the cementitious materials in the mix, including all cement and Pozzolans. The TCB is multiplied by the “Loading Percentage Rate”, listed with each of the color swatches, this determines how much pigment needs to be added to your mix.

Here's how it works-

→ Determine your color- You are a big fan of swimming, so you pick “2058-30 Deep Ocean” as your color. Look at the swatch and you will see a little % number on the swatch, this is your loading rate(LR). It has a loading rate of 8.55% or .0855

→ Determine your TCB - Your mix is a blend of cement, pozzolan (maybe), sand, aggregate, and so on. For the sake of example, we will say that your mix has 10 lb of cement, and 2 lb of VCAS as a pozzolan. So, Your TCB is 12lb

→ Determine your Number of Batches- How much coverage will you get with your mix? This will determine how many batches of concrete you will need to make, which will tell you how much pigment you need. Let’s say your mix covers 2 sqft at 1.5” thick., and     the piece you are making is 10 sqft and 1.5" thick. You will need 5 batches of mix.

→ Round up- It is good practice to add 10% to that amount for slurry, spillage, and test samples. To add 10%, multiply by 1.1

→ Round up one more time- These pigments are sold incrementally by the pound.

→ Determine the cost. Each color has a TYPE # ,and each number has a cost listed. You picked Deep Ocean, which is a Type II color that costs $15.80 per lb when purchased in increments of 5lb or more.


12 (TCB)X.0855(LR)=1.026


1.1286X5(batches)=5.645 (6lb needed)


You will need 6 lb of pigment, and it will cost $94.80.

You are ready to order.


If you are using the blends we have listed in our recipes, we can make this simple for you. Here are the amounts of TCB per 50 lb of the blends found in our mixes. If you follow the recipes given to create your own blends, the same will be true.

TCB per bag

Counter Mix- 23.8

Craftsman Mix-  20.5

GFRC Mix- 26

ECC Mix- 28.45

Artisan 10lb Mix- 5.2


Custom Color Pricing by 'TYPE'


Type I

1-4 lbs - $15.80 lb

5-50 lb - $9.95 lb

50 + lb- Call for Pricing

Type II

1-4 lbs - $25.80 lb

5-50 lb - $15.80 lb

50 + lb- Call for Pricing

Type III

1-4 lbs - $43.80 lb

5-50 lb - $35.00 lb

50 + lb- Call for Pricing


*For colors not included in this color guide, there will be an additional, one time charge of $101.25 for other Benjamin Moore™ and custom color formulations.


The final appearance of the concrete product is determined by a combination of several color factors, including surface texture, color of the cement-pigment paste, aggregate color, admixtures, and water/cement ratio. Test using a small batch of your mix design before any large pour. Use the same steps and example as ordering to figure your color test mix design.



I am using an 80 lb bag of an off the shelf product. What is my TCB?

Who knows? Most off the shelf products are proprietary, and the manufactures do not disclose how much cement is in the product. So the amount of cement you get can range wildly. We use 20lb (25%) as our guess more often than not. Also keep in mind that most of these mixes are not white, but rather grey, so you will not get a perfect color match.


I am using mix out of a Ready Mix truck, how do I know what to add?

Most ready mix applications refer to their mixes as “x” Sack Mixes. The “x” in question is the number of sacks of Portland cement used to make one yard of concrete. You would multiply that amount (“x”) by 94.4 lb (the number of pounds of cement in a bag). Then multiply that by the number of yards of concrete in your truck. Keep in mind that most ready mix applications are made with grey cement.


So what if I want a color, but I am stuck with using grey cement?

There are many colors not possible in grey cement, particularly light, and many bright, colors. That said, you can have custom blends made using grey cement, no different than if you were sending in a custom tile (pg 43). If you want to get it real close, then you are wise to send us the cement you are using, as grey cement color varies wildly from region to region.


I am using another company’s countertop mix, does that make me bad?

Of course not. But we can help you make that mix a custom color. We have formulated with most of the competitive products on the market, and are glad to assist you.


I have another concrete project to pigment, will this work?

It doesn’t matter if it is a swimming pool plaster, an overlay, a carvable mix, or a driveway, if it is made from cement, we can make you a color to your liking! Just shoot us an email, or give us a call, with what you are hoping to accomplish, and we will be glad to assist you.


The color you have in mind is not so simple? We can match a physical color reference, for example a fabric swatch, a piece of tile, or perhaps even a river rock. Phone us and we will help you achieve your desired color. Additional charges apply.


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