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What is the Buddy Rhodes Evolution?

"Buddy Rhodes represents the essential link in our industry to the American Artisan tradition. Materials like wood, steel, fibers and ceramics have a long history in American manufacturing and the craft movement - Buddy’s training and studio work connects concrete to this rich history."

-Mark Melonas | Owner and Founder | LUKE WORKS, Inc.


Buddy at his desk in 1984


It was the early 1980's and Buddy Rhodes faced a simple dilemma. The objects he was creating out of clay were too big for his kilns. Finding himself limited in his ability to create, Buddy turned to concrete. He began to bushwhack a path that would be followed by generations of artisans to come. Artisans limited by their medium of choice, or artisans seduced by the allure of concrete.

This seems a simple path, concrete is everywhere. It is the very cornerstone on which modern civilization has been built. Buddy however wanted to make concrete act like the clay he was accustomed to working with. He, along with the artisans that would follow in his footsteps, wanted concrete to be refined, to be easily manipulated into various forms and into various finishes, to be stronger and lighter, more colorful and so on. A problem they all faced was that the intellectual database that had created the Hoover Dam and Falling Water did not possess the information and materials that would make concrete do what Buddy needed. These massive accomplishments had not focused the kind of microscope on concrete that Buddy and this growing group of artisans would require.

Buddy forged ahead for decades, providing materials and insights to artisans around the world. Buddy's unique perspective brought a concrete material to artisans that the world had never experienced, opening the world of possibilities to both professionals and DIYers alike. But Buddy is a pioneer, and pioneers don't rest easy. Buddy still carried unrelaized visions, hoping this material could do still more. That is when the collaboration between Buddy Rhodes and BlueConcrete began.

"There is definitely an important collaboration between our team and BlueConcrete.  Our success is directly linked to the stability and integrity of our mix supplies.  By using the best materials available, we can achieve casting great products."

-Dave Grech | Owner | Trueform Concrete


Architectural Concrete


Tradeshow Booth built for BlueConcrete by Mandala Studio


BlueConcrete was built on the foundation of collaboration. Under the umbrealla of Delta Performance Products, the BlueConcrete team has unprecedented access to materials from around the world, a color and testing lab, as well as the full scale studio for R&D purposes in Mandala Studio. These capacities made them just the group Buddy needed to help him carry his vision forward.

"There are two prominent figures in the speciality business of hand made concrete products that I have long admired.  They are Jon Schuler of Blue Concrete for his unique dedication to the scientific advancement of our products, and Buddy Rhodes who brought our medium from the mediocrity of sidewalks to masterpiece kitchens and baths.  Jon, Buddy, and the whole staff of Blue Concrete have a unique understanding of the artists eye and the scientists logic which have allowed my business to continually push the limits of thickness, weight, color, and ultimately performance."
-Andrew Barber | Owner | CounterKULTURE

What began as Buddy alone behind his desk has become something much bigger. A team of artisans, scientists, and industry experts have joined Buddy on his journey. With full access to the resources of Delta, this team is creating a new paradigm in the development in artisan concrete. We are fully focused on furthering the materials available to world for the developing of concrete in artisan and specialty applications.

We are developing with the vision of making concrete lighter, stronger, more colorful, more versatile, and more accessible. But that is only the beginning, it is the furthering of the craft that is central to the vision of Buddy and Blue. The material study is only one aspect to the evolution that is being pushed forward. The study and development of technique, the collaborations with artisans-pros and diyers alike, the study of logistics and accessibliity, these are the matters that make for a complete evolution

 The Evolution begins with the conversation, a conversation we want you to join. This conversation is happening in many places and at many levels. It is happening at our forum, and on social media- FacebookInstagramPinterestLinkedInTwitter. It is happens at an unprecedented level at EPIC. It happens in our training, and among our training partners- Set in Stone and Concrete Design School. It happens at our Blog and on YouTube. It also happens when you ask the question, when you start the conversation. It is in this conversation, combined with our story, that the evolution is realized. It ultimately ends up in our materials through better performance, more versatility, wider accessibility, better suited to meet your needs in creating your project, and designed to meet the needs of successful professional artisans.

"This evolution represents a multi-generation collaboration of concrete pioneers. You couldn't ask for a more comprehensive team of leaders that is dedicated to continually pushing the limits of what concrete can do and how it should be perceived by the design community.This merger represents the beginning of something big for our industry."

-Nathan Smith | Principal | Set in Stone

"I have been using Buddy Rhodes Products religiously since 2006, I have experimented with many other products trying to perfect my creations but i always went back to Buddy Rhodes Products.  The  simplicity and consistency of Buddy Rhodes Products has allowed my imagination to be realized.  Since the alliance with Buddy Rhodes Products and Blue Concrete my creativity has returned to its genesis .  This merger of mediums has virtually evaporated preceding design hurdles."

-Steve Millard | Owner | Millard Enterprises

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