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GFRC ZFRC Mix Design

PLEASE NOTE | We have published a Catalog of Products and Techniques that is available for free download. This Catalog contains our most currrent products, mix designs, recipes, tips & tricks, techniques, and so on. Please take a minute to look over our catalog, and feel free to contact us with any questions you have.

Download the Catalog HERE.

Happy Concreteing!

The BlueConcrete and Buddy Rhodes Team


50lbs Bag of Fuzion – ZFRC
7.5lbs Chilled, Distilled/Clean Water (0.32 c/w)(up to 3.5lbs ice depending on temperature)
1.5lbs Liquid Z+
50 - 150g Supersealz (face/mist coat plasticizer)
5 - 20g Superflowz (backer plasticizer)
Liquid Flowz (plasticizer used to adjust or tweak mix)
1.5lbs 19mm(¾”) AR fibers (backer – 2.5% of total weight)
0.1lbs PVA 15 Fibers (backer – optional)
Pigment and color as required.
If you would prefer to use base ingredients, the pre-blended ingredients are:

Federal White Cement - 24.45 lbs.
Sands - 22.2 lbs.
ZFRC Ultra Sealz - 3.35lbs.

The cementitious content per bag is 25.8lbs. This should be used when calculating admixture and pigment loading.

The mix design listed above will yield approximately 0.42 cuft of mix which equates to 5sqft at 1” thick.

To convert the above mix to 1cuft, multiply all the above listed ingredients by a factor of 2.4

The following mix procedure has proven the process to ensure proper mixing, full dispersion and complete wetting out.

Add water and Liquid Z Plus,1.
Add half of Fuzion – ZFRC and Mix,
Add ½ plasticizer and continue mixing,
Slowly add remained of Blue Fuzion – ZFRC,
Stop mixing, scrape and continue mixing,
Add pigment, if required,
Add PVA fibers, if required,
Add additional plasticizer as required,
Allow mix to rest/false-set for 3 – 5 minutes,
Re-temper and add AR fibers for backer mix,
Mix until homogenous.
For hand mixing, a CS Unitec Eibenstock Electric Hand Mixer EHR 23/1.3R or similar is recommend and for larger volumes and for back coats, an Imer 360 Mortarman Vetical Shaft Mixer or similar is recommended.


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