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Professional Artisans

Concrete Materials for the Professional Concrete Artisan

For those of you who have chosen to make a profession of creating artisan concrete.... We salute you! We can say with confidence that we understand the path you have taken and we know firsthand the joys as well as challenges that come with this profession. The professional artisans on our staff have practiced this craft in different regions around the country and served a varied market and client profile. Our business is a reflection of the ideas, perspectives, and experiences born from our time as concrete artisans.

We offer you a range of products and services designed by professional concrete artisans for professional concrete artisans. Our mission is to help your business prosper and we invite you to contact us. We work with many of the most talented and well respected artisans in the country, and we want you to be a part of the professional community.

How can we help you?

  • High Quality materials that have been proven in the creation of the highest quality artisan concrete in the world.
  • A range of options with the materials we offer- from bag mixes, to blended admixtures, to a wide range of raw materials.
  • One on one technical support from professionals in the field with extensive real world experience.

Where do we go from here?

We have a range of pre-blended mixes that provide the strength, finish, or casting technique based on the need of your project. These mixes will take you from behind the weigh up scale, and give you the opportunity to spend your time building your business. Not a fan of pre-blended mixes? We the admixture option you need to blend utilizing your own local sands and cements. Find the Admixtures and the Blended mixes HERE.

Want to be a mad scientist and make a custom mix? We offer a range of raw materials that will allow you to do just that. Quality cements, CSA, pozzolans, shrinkage reducers, set delay, fibers, polymer, etc. are all available on the website. You can find our range of raw materials HERE.

Looking to expand your knowledge and skill set? There is a wide range of training available, including our annual EPIC event.

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