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Professional Craftsman Looking to Expand into Concrete

Concrete is a phenomenal material. It is all around us, and it is the basis for much of the advance of modern civilization. Considering that, the inherent natural beauty of the material, and the infinite possibilities of creation, it is no wonder you would want to explore the use of the material in an artisan application. We want to help you in the exploration process, providing you with the educational tools and quality materials you will need to be successful.

Concrete is an intimidating material for many people. It will go from being moldable to hard as a rock in a relatively short period of time. Ensuring that the process is well executed prior to the concrete getting hard is important. Then once the concrete is hard, having a high quality and durable material is also important.

How can we help you in your exploration of concrete?

  • We have built a catalog of products and techniques that will help you get started understanding the process.
  • We have a wide range of videos that show various steps of the process, and provide a bit of inspiration.
  • We have the highest quality materials that have been chosen and formulated by a group of professional artisans who started and have helped to build the artisan concrete industry. Our materials are born of real world experience and application.
  • We offer a wide range of tools, molds, and abrasives that will help you build a high quality project.
  • We offer a wide range of training workshops, some for the newbies and some for the advanced pros.
  • We have a forum where you can pose your questions, and get support from people with experience.

What's next?

Start by downloading our Catalog of Products and Techniques. A study of this booklet will get you well on your way to understanding what questions you have and where you want to go next. You will find a wealth of information in our blog. This is where we will continually add information about the process, materials, and ideas around artisan concrete. Bring up your ideas on our artisan forum, see what others can offer you in your process of working with concrete.

Perhaps you already have an idea of what you are after, you can find our materials HERE. You will also find a list of locations that carry our product HERE. Can't find a dealer near you, and you are concerned about the cost of shipping? Let us help you with that.

We want to talk with you!

Apart from the products and services we offer, we have ourselves to offer. We want to work with you to help you build the vision you have in your head. We are here to assist you, just tell us your story!

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