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Specifying Artisan Concrete

Concrete is a material that every specifier should have in their tool kit. It has the potential to solve design challenges, and produce aesthetic qualities no other material can achieve. The problem with specifying concrete is the word 'concrete'! As an instrument maker wouldn't go to the local hardware store to pick up some 'wood' to build a violin, a specifier should not plan to go into the world asking for 'concrete' to meet specific design challenges and reach certain aesthetic goals. How do you know what to specify?

Additional Resources Offered by Our Team

  • Download our Catalog of Products and Techniques, which is a thorough list of processes and products Buddy Rhodes Concrete Products offers for the creation high quality artisan concrete.
  • We may be able to help you along in the design process, tell us about the project and we may offer design advice based on our concrete experience.
  • Contact us so we can help find a competent artisan to produce work for you.

Share your success with us! There is nothing that brightens our day more than seeing concrete that is well designed and properly installed!

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