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ECC Mix Materials

ECC blended mixes produce a very dense and strong concrete which is more likely to bend than break.  Combine with reinforcement fibers and water reducer to create workabilities that range from taffy to clay to pancake batter.

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  1. ECC Blended Mix

    ECC Blended Mix

    $39.68 each
    This ECC blended mix is designed using the most advanced concrete mix design theory currently available. This mix is designed to produce tremendous ductility and tensile capacity, and is more likely to bend than break. Learn More
  2. Water Reducer 205

    Water Reducer 205

    Starting at: $25.00

    Water Reducer 205 is a powdered polycarboxylate based plasticizer and pozzolan blend. It is a dry white multi component material that can also replace pozzolan in certain mix designs. Learn More
  3. Water Reducer 420

    Water Reducer 420

    Starting at: $25.00

    This plasticizer is designed to be especially effective with mixes that have a high content of finer sands and particles. Learn More
  4. Water Reducer 310

    Water Reducer 310

    Starting at: $75.00

    Water Reducer 310 is a unique and powerful powdered polycarboxylate plasticizer designed to significantly reduce water requirements. This is an incredibly potent plasticizer, and must be carefully managed to avoid segregation. This mix will make even the most stubborn mixes flowable. WR 310 has 10 times the potency of WR 205. Learn More
  5. PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol) Fiber

    PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol) Fiber

    Starting at: $11.79

    PVA Fibers (polyvinyl alcohol) are high-performance reinforcement fibers for concrete and mortar. Learn More
  6. Acrylic Fiber AC50

    Acrylic Fiber AC50

    Starting at: $6.90

    Acrylic Fiber AC50 is a concrete additive that enhances the performance and durability of concrete, adding years to its useful life. Learn More
  7. Bone Paste Plus

    Bone Paste Plus

    $30.00 each
    Bone Paste Plus is a blend of cement, pozzolan, and polymer that is specially formulated for filling voids in artisan cast concrete. Learn More
  8. Mold Release

    Mold Release

    $22.00 each
    Buddy Rhodes Form Release Agent Creates both a chemical and physical film between concrete and the mold, allowing for smooth release. Sold in Quart bottles. Download MSDS Learn More
  9. ECC Admixture

    ECC Admixture

    $75.00 each
    The ECC Admixture is a polymer modified multi component admixture which provides strength, premium working characteristics, and durability for ECC mixes. Learn More

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