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Concrete Countertop Mix

Concrete Countertop Mix
Countertop Mix
$34.00 each
Weight: 50 lbs
SKU: 10023856

Quick Overview

Buddy Rhodes Concrete Countertop Mix is uniquely designed so that both the Hard Trowel Surface and the Pressed Surface can be achieved using the same mix

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WARNING - Prop. 65

Buddy Rhodes Concrete Countertop Mix is Buddy’s original formula. It contains no integral curing polymer, so we recommend the addition of Liquid Polymer Plus to any mix recipe. We developed the BR Craftsman Mix as the next generation countertop blended mix and it can replace the Countertop Mix in all respects. Read more about BR Craftsman Mix here: Craftsman Mix

Each bag produces about 5 sq. ft. at 1” thickness, without added pea gravel.

Sample mix design:

  • 50 lb Bag of BR Countertop Mix
  • 2.5 Quarts Chilled Water
  • 1 Quart Liquid Polymer Plus
  • 14 lb Pea Gravel (optional to increase yield and reduce shrinkage)