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Craftsman Mix | The Ultimate Concrete Countertop Mix- Part 2

Craftsman Mix- Applications

The consistency of the Craftsman Mix, and the possibilities that come from minor adjustments in the recipe, mean that this mix is incredibly versatile.

The Pressed Finish

The technique this material is most well known for is Buddy's signature Press Technique. This is achieved when the mix is mixed to a cookie dough, or clay like, consistency and pressed into a form. The finished result is a naturally veined finished, comparable to limestone or travertine. The voids can be left unfilled, filled with a color matched paste, or filled with a complimentary accent color. This mix can be easily pressed up vertical walls with minimal effort. The possibilities of this finish are simply infinite.

Cast In Place | Troweled Finish

A commonly used process for building concrete countertops is cast in place countertops. This is achieved when the concrete is formed and cast in the location where they will stay, and then troweled smooth. Cast in place provides opportunities that are not available with other materials, allowing for monolithic castings that follow the space where they are cast. The troweled finish is not limited to cast in place, as it can also be precast and later installed. The trowel finish is as honest a finish as there is, leaving behind the evidence of the hand that crafted the object. It can range from a mirror reflection hard trowel, to a finish reminiscent of old world plaster. The ultimate finish and variation is at the hand of the maker. The thicker consistency of the mix allows for ease in troweling and placement, and doesn't bring the same concerns that a fluid mix introduces.

Cast Finish

The Craftsman Mix does not need to remain stiff, with the introduction of a water reducer the mix can be made fluid like pancake batter. With this technique, the concrete can be cast into molds for a virtually flawless finish. This technique can produce a range of finishes, from a monolithic cream finish, to a heavily exposed terrazzo type finish. This result is determined based on how the concrete is processed following being cast.

Infinite Possibilities

These techniques only scratch the surface of what can be done. These possibilities are born from the consistency of the mix itself. With the possibility of a stiff clay like mix, to the opportunity to have a fluid mix that will conform to the shape in which it is cast, what will you do? Artisans of many disciplines have mixed these techniques, and developed processes entirely their own. That is the spirit in which this material was developed, as an opportunity to explore and express a creative vision.

Watch this video for a brief overview of the consistency of the mix in these various applications.

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