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If you have a question about ordering or the status of your order, please send an email to orders@buddyrhodes.com. This will direct you to our Customer Support Team who will help you in the quickest way possible.

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To find a Buddy Rhodes dealer near you, check out our Dealer Locator. If your local retailer doesn't carry the product you are after, let us know at orders@buddyrhodes.com.

While our Ground Shipping quotes are real-time figures, our LTL shipments are calculated estimates. They are typically accurate, but we want to be sure you have the right price for shipping. Let the Customer Support Team know what you are concerned about so we can help you. You can read more about our Shipping Policies here.

Technical Support

Concrete is a technical material. Lots of questions come up through the process, and we want to help you find the answers to the questions you have. We have tried to set up a range of tools to help you find the answers you seek.

Buddy Rhodes Bag Mix Calculator™

Use this tool to determine how many bags of material you should purchase for your concrete countertop project. View the calculator here.

Catalog of Products and Techniques

This is likely to have the answers to the questions you have. There is a lot of information in this Catalog, so it may take you a minute to find what you are looking for. This is the best starting point for anyone new to our products, and is a useful guide as you continue working with them. Download it for free here.

Articles and FAQ's

We have a library of helpful articles and FAQ’s about the products we sell, and the ideas connected to those products. There is invaluable information there that is as relevant to the newbie as it is the seasoned concrete professional. View the FAQ and Article Library Here

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